Welcome to Packaging Engineering at Rutgers

Rutgers’ Packaging Engineering Program was founded in 1965 and is the first school in the country to offer packaging within the School of Engineering. Still fueled by our passion to see students succeed in packaging careers, we continuously strengthen our engineering-based curriculum to be the top program in the nation.
Located at the center of many packaging industries, Rutgers is becoming a technology hub that provides support and resources to many companies. Our strong relationship with the professional industry has lead companies to work with undergraduate students by creating a unique senior design project for them that meets real world needs in the industry. The state-of-the-art laboratory facilities on Rutgers campus run tests used by major packaging companies. Since students have access to conduct these tests and research in our laboratories, they begin to undertake engineering work that is used in the real packaging world. 

Undergraduate students also take part in our co-op program where they get real hands on experience at a packaging company. There they are given responsibilities that correlate to their course work and academic background, so they can learn what working in the packaging world is like. Students have even been given job offers from companies after their co-op rotations were completed. 

Undergraduate students in other engineering majors have the option to earn a certificate in Packaging Engineering, which differs from the main degree also available. Find out more.