Cosmetics Industry Buyers & Suppliers (CIBS) Awards Scholarship to Rutgers Student

On April 17th, Rutgers University student, Diane Jones was awarded the annual Eugene M. Roberts Memorial Scholarship by the Cosmetics Industry Buyers and Suppliers Organization (CIBS) at the Manhattan Club in New York City. "The scholarship helps us to recruit the best students to the program. It motivates us to develop the program to be the best in the nation," said Dr. Hae Chang Gea, director of the packaging engineering program.

The scholarship in the amount of $5,000.00 was granted to Jones, a junior pursuing her certificate in packaging engineering. Working at L’Oreal as an intern ignited her passion for being in the cosmetic industry, where she hopes to pursue a career as a packaging engineer. "Undaunted by a good challenge," Jones said, "There is great competition in this field and it gives a lot of opportunity for me to display my ideas." Her ultimate career goal is to grow with the packaging world staying abreast with the newest products technologies."I do like the sustainability aspect of packaging so I would like to implement changes for more sustainably products, reducing environmental impacts," said Jones.

Erika Roberts, the donor of the yearly scholarship acts on behalf of her late husband Eugene Roberts, after whom the scholarship is named. She continues to support young students aspiring to future careers in packaging engineering. Her work geared towards helping packaging students has influenced the lives of other Rutgers University students in the past. In addition to Jones, packaging engineering students Abiola Eisape and Ivan J. Chen also received the scholarship in 2012 and 2011 respectively.

Gea’s vision to expand and grow the Rutgers Packaging Engineering Program after its decline is evident not only in the increased enrollment but in the performance of students like Jones, Eisape and Chen.

The scholarship luncheon was also attended by Mario Magali, president of CIBS, Ted Boccuzzi, the scholarship committee chairperson.

Dr. Hae Chang Gea, President Mario Magali, Diane Jones, Donor Erika Roberts and scholarship chairperson Ted Boccuzzi.

By: Andrea Morocoima