Message from the Director

Hae Chang Gea
Welcome to Packaging Engineering at Rutgers!
The field of packaging includes disciplines of engineering, graphic design, project management, advertising, and material science. Every product manufactured from health care and beauty products to washing machines and drugs require packages to protect and sell the product. Our program at Rutgers is one of a handful of programs in the USA providing technical expertise in the multidisciplinary field. The excellent career potential in packaging is driven by the unique skill set students acquire and the few learning institutions that teach them.
Career development is another key advantage of an individual involved with packaging. Packaging professionals engage with almost every group in an organization, marketing, production purchasing, legal, product development, and graphics. A firm values individuals that have a broad picture of the operations and packaging interacts with these groups as part of their daily tasks. This makes individuals with packaging backgrounds valuable to a company as they understand how all of the operations combine and work together to accomplish corporate goals.
Packaging has various functions in today's society. It provides protection for the product it contains, for example in absorbing impacts and vibrations in distribution, and protection to humans, through features that indicate if products have been tampered with. It provides communication through symbols that are only read by machines, such as the bar codes, and intensive communication in the human environment through colors, and many printed messages that help sell the product and inform users and consumers of product attributes. Packaging provides consumers and users with enormous conveniences (for example, we can today find many products in many different sizes and at various locations, which would be nearly impossible without packaging).
Different from most engineering disciplines, the packaging field allows engineers great flexibility in changing industries throughout their careers while building different skills. Rutgers is the first and only university to offer packaging engineering within the School of Engineering and is currently one in only 15 universities across the entire country to offer packaging. Founded in 1965, Rutgers holds the title as the second oldest packaging program nationally.
Your Potential
As a multi-billion dollar business, packaging is the world's third largest industry on the basis of gross sales. With more people employed than any other business, the growing need for packaging engineers will soon far exceed the actual number of packaging graduates. This makes our graduates very attractive to employers across the country as they seek to hire more engineers to meet the rapidly growing need for packaging engineers.
Hae Chang Gea, PhD
Chair and Program Director
Packaging Engineering