Graduate Program Overview

The graduate level certificate in Packaging Engineering is an eighteen credit program designed to provide those Rutgers University students with an interest in the field of packaging, disciplines of engineering, graphic design, project management, advertising, and material science. Professionals working in packaging or a related field who do not wish to peruse a degree may enhance their education and on the job experience by earning this certificate. This disciplinary ensures students will have strong grounding issues of covering a broad area of expertise from design conceptualization all the way to product deployment. These broad areas of expertise can be applied in many different industrial fields: the pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, the cosmetic industry and the industry for medical devices among many others.
Professionals receiving their certificate in Packaging Engineering will be qualified to work in the packaging industry. Packaging job opportunities are growing as the demand for packaging engineering background continues to rise. As a multi-billion dollar business, packaging is the world’s third largest industry on the basis of gross sales. With more people employed than any other business, the growing need for packaging backgrounds will soon far exceed the actual number of packaging educated. The steady growth in demand for packaging has ensured many of our students have jobs come their completion of the certificate. As long as products are being created, packaging engineering backgrounds will be in demand.